Altitude FINANCE

Assess your climate risks and opportunities

AXA Altitude is an innovative all-in-one ESG software solution that provides infrastructure and private equity funds with AXA Climate’s carbon, climate and nature data for intelligent decision-making during sourcing, due diligence and holding periods. Move from risk assessment towards value creation through climate change adaptation.

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Assess your climate risks and opportunities

The Benefits



Receive an executive summary of your highest risks within minutes (3’35 on average). Go deeper into each risk with quantitative and qualitative data. A flash consulting mission can take five days. AXA Altitude takes less than five minutes.



Benefit from AXA Climate expertise and data. Assess risks for global targets across +160 sectors and +50 types of real asset with the same quality and resolution. Understand physical risk indicators at street level (30 meters), today, in 2030, and 2050 for several warming scenarios.



Comply with all regulations related to climate change while avoiding the burden, such as SFRD & PAI, TCFD, EU Taxonomy’s DNSH and CSRD.

The product

Bringing the benefits of Altitude Finance to your business

Altitude is the comprehensive tool for climate and nature-related risks during an investment’s lifecycle. The systematic use of Altitude streamlines and improves climate risk management in early due-diligence. It also enables management and reporting of climate risks at fund and portfolio level, while engaging with portfolio companies.

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Risk assessment proven methodology

Base your internal processes and reporting on scientific data and access recommendations formulated by experts to support ongoing decision making.

Simple view with ergonomic design

Simplify and standardize the screening of all climate and biodiversity risks with a single user-friendly platform, that can easily be deployed within your firm.

Automation from an advanced dataset

Automated tools allow you to refocus your resources on value-added services and strategic decisions such as seizing climate opportunities and reducing carbon footprint.

Actionable information on material risks

Each risk flagged is followed by a recommended next step to take as an investor. Save money by narrowing the scope of consultations and better defining the material risks to focus on.