Adapt your production systems to tomorrow's climate challenges

Altitude Agriculture’s mission is to help agri-businesses and cooperatives with their climate and environmental initiatives. Altitude provides clients with access to AXA Climate’s environmental DNA and ecosystem of experts.
By using Altitude to create sourcing and production strategies, you can measure the climate risks associated with soil, resources and nature, and build climate change adaptation measures for your production systems anywhere in the world.

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Adapt your production systems to tomorrow's climate challenges

The Benefits



Be as close as possible to the reality of your crops: based on an expert agronomical analysis – including temperature sums, simulation of soil conditions and irrigation capacities, hydric stress modeling, phenological development of the plants and local constraints.



Set customized climatic indicators over a precise period, taking into account the vulnerability of your crops and the climate zones.



Altitude Agriculture is based on the latest IPCC data (CMIP6) and different scenarios (SSP5-8.5 and SSP2-4.5 scenarios), and then compared with historical references (ERA 5) and projected on more than 12 models. This provides reliable and local climate projections, and is set-up specifically for your zones and crops.

The product

Bring the benefits of AXA Altitude to your business

Altitude Agriculture is an expert and precise AgTech for analyzing the climatic risks of agricultural production systems. By using Altitude Agriculture to test climate change adaptation scenarios, you ensure the resilience of your activities. Through the platform you can identify and validate the most effective actions to build adaptation strategies.

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Evolution of agricultural yield potential

Project yield evolution considering all system specificities: soil texture and organic matter, crop variety, precocity, irrigation scenarios, work calendar.

Testing efficiency of adaptation scenarios

Assess the impact of climate change adaptation practices on risk mitigation and agricultural yield projection: including soil amelioration, new varieties, irrigation performance and protection measures.

Impact on agricultural production and financial benefits

Build climate change adaptation scenarios combining agronomical decisions and financial projections.

Identification of optimal rotations

Expand the level of your analysis at a rotation level and identify future optimal rotations and constraints in tomorrow’s climate.